Downtown Des Moines Location Closure

In response to a story aired on January 26 regarding the sudden closure of +39 Italian Restaurant and Cantina of Des Moines, +39 Restaurants wishes to address inaccuracies representing the situations surrounding the closure of this downtown restaurant.


The restaurant, like several in downtown Des Moines, have been suffering from changes in business performance and specific issues to this particular situation made a remedy unlikely. The closure of the restaurant was not an abrupt decision, but this difficult situation has been in the making for quite some time.


While dealing with the complexities involved with the closure of a business, +39 Restaurants has worked diligently in the background to find relocation options for staff, through its other location in Ames, or through relationships with other restaurants in the Des Moines area.


When a business closes, it is challenging and involves many difficult decisions and affects the lives of many who have come to depend on the business for many reasons. In following with our core values of conviviality, honesty, authenticity and respect, +39 has worked with our employees to give them as much advance notice as possible, as well as the support and assistance to find other employment.


We understand the frustration employees, suppliers and customers may experience in this unfortunate event, but we stand behind the decisions made and the manner in which they were handled. We worked to ensure that Our reputation as a business with integrity was preserved through the process, and we believe it important to respond when this integrity was called into question.


Though we were not contacted by WHO TV Channel 13 regarding this story, we are available for comment or further discussion.

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