Witness the beauty and diversity of Italian wines in our full service cantina.  Featuring nearly 200 labels, with representation from each of the 20 different Italian wine regions, our cantina offers tasting, learning, and shopping experiences for wine lovers of all types.


Wine Tastings

The true nature of an Italian wine cantina is not just shopping for wine, but rather focused on the idea of learning about wines that you may enjoy, tasting the wines you have selected, and sharing your choices with friends & family.  Whether in search of a wine for dinner, gifting to others, or a scheduled group or private wine tasting; our cantina is a special place that you will find yourself visiting time & time again!


Fireplace Lounge

Once you have completed your wine tasting experience, or if you are looking for a great evening with friends, you can enjoy any of our 200 labels of wine while sitting comfortably in our fireplace lounge.  Complete your experience by adding a chef selected tasting plate or any of the small plates and Venetian style cichetti that are perfect for snacking with friends while the conversations continue.


Retail Sales

Perhaps the most unique aspect of our cantina is a setting in which customers can select their favorite wines and purchase them by the bottle at direct retail prices.  No longer do you need to write down a wine label in order to shop around; your server can add additional retail priced bottles to your ticket, and have them ready for you to take home at the end of your meal!


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